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Wednesday, April 17th 2013

1:08 AM

Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 11 Megavideo

Emily later confronts Maya to ask if she put them there, but she denies it. It has already been proven by experts and studies that television has a major impact on our youth and their actions, and repeated programs of any kind can have a lasting impression that leads to true actions be taken. Last week we were led to believe Toby is dead but with just that one comment, we are informed that he may still be alive and yet nobody seemed at all surprised. Jenna, Spencer and Detective Wilden are the ones I will be keeping an eye on. Slight Pretty Little Liars writing inconsistency again here. pretty little liars episode. Irritated and tired from everything that has been happening, Spencer steals one of Melissa's essays and prepares to submit it as her own work. Melissa did not lose the little one, since we will forecasting jane is as well probably going to be feelings of loss him / her husband's loss and how to handle becoming to you're wedding to the killer. Getting their wires crossed, the handsome teacher inadvertently accuses Aria of being immature, causing her to storm out - thus slightly proving his point. A fifth party whom knows of this dead girls ill fate is threatening the bunch with disclosing their indiscretions, thus making for a show filled with much drama and "excitement" for today's television viewer.

Hanna - after receiving the photo of Emily and Maya - tells Emily that if she has found someone she cares for and who cares for her, then she will be happy for her no matter who it is. Watch Pretty Little Liars season 1 episode 12 "Salt Meets Wound" and you will be bestowed with all the answers you are longing to find. All the text messages have "A" as the sender and they think that the messages were from Alison. While the rest of the school kids are holed up in the library, Noel and Aria sneak away together and Aria sings while Noel plays guitar. Pretty Little Liars - Hanna's story Much like Aria, Hanna's story was quite brief this week but boy, did it end well! Spencer threatened her right back though, by telling her that she would tell everyone about "the Jenna thing". Turns out though, that Toby Jenna's step brother, also knew that it was Allison, who lit the firecracker which caused Jenna to go blind. About Hanna Marin After Ali's death, Hanna Marin took on a whole new look and persona. While it seemed that they might work it out, Mr Fitz freaked out and put an end to the relationship but it is clear they are still very much in love with each other. The look on her face was absolutely priceless!

Toby Cavanaugh! I'll be watching. Another weirdness alert. Next we move on to Emily. They could have missed some of the souvenirs put in the coffin. Ali wanted to get revenge on Toby Cavanaugh (Jenna's half brother) because she said he was watching them through the bedroom window while they were changing. Since her mother decided to pay for Hanna's theft by sleeping with Detective Wilden, the teenager's life has been nothing but a misery. The freshman hit became appointment summer television for 18-34 year old adults.
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